Pocket Logger Mobile

The easiest way to keep your logbook up to date is here! The new Pocket logger system helps you keep track of your kilometers or miles by a simple press of a button!

The one thing that really irritates drivers who travel every day or especially every other day or even once a month is the laborious task of keeping a log book of every kilometer/mile driven on a specific day. Without capturing this essential information employees are losing compensation from employers and in the end the Tax man gets a bigger chunk of the money you have worked for.

Well not anymore, with the new Pocket Logger all you have to do is hit “start” before each trip and “stop” after each trip. The trip has been logged and is ready to export at the end of the month directly to your tax service provider. Please note that a maximum of 40 consecutive days is allowed for logging until trips need to be exported.

– Registration of business and private trips.
– Automatically log start and end time.
– Calculation of distance traveled for both business and private trips.
– Use of odometer.
– Export of data to XML and Excel XLS.
– E-mail your exported data.
– Run in the background while driving.

We are proud to bring Pocket Logger to the public and hope this app will be helpful in your everyday life. Please let us know if you have any features you would like to suggest for future versions by contacting us on info@jmlabs.co.za.

Our Passion for Quality
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