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NVI believe there’s a much smarter way to power our planet, today. They are about shaking up the energy world with clean energy solutions that help get their customers onto cleaner energy at lower costs than grid or other alternatives. Started in 2011, they offer solar energy solutions to commercial, industrial and now residential energy users in a growing number of countries – all in Africa. As the cost of solar technology has continued to fall, they have grown their offering from off-grid to urban grid-tied commercial customers and now residential complexes too!

They specialize in bringing together financial and technical know-how to offer their customers solar energy on a pay-for-use basis, that’s competitive with alternative sources.

They collaborate with approved solar installers, EPC contractors and developers. Because their goal is to own solar systems on behalf of their customers, NVI business is complementary to many players in the solar industry. They work with technical partners who source, install, service or operate solar systems on their behalf.

NVI is passionate about making solar energy work for Africa and tackling the global challenge of climate change head on.

Our Passion for Quality
One of the biggest promises that we give to our clients is we will not deliver a product that we are not happy with, and we will make sure that the product we do deliver is of the highest standard and on time. Every project that JMLabs engages in goes through a intense break down session between all directors and developers. This is done to ensure that every department is on the same track and can deliver our promise to the client.