About Us

JMLabs is started in 2013 as a Application Consultancy Company focusing on application development for all major platforms, Over the years we have added new services to our portfolio making sure that we cover all the needs of our clients. We develop mobile, web and desktop applications as well as provide services such as Project Management, 3D printing and Design as well as Certified ethical hacking services to the SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) Clients. We take great pride in delivering high quality services at competitive rates.

Our History.

JMLabs was started back in 2013 with the goal of bringing high quality applications, beautifully designed and expertly coded, to the public. Although our main focus is developing software, we also offer other services to complete our clients’ company profile. By doing this we give our clients the opportunity to get their whole corporate identity covered in one place.

At JMLabs we strongly believe in community development. This means that JMLabs takes a percentage of all our income, applying it to donations to community based projects, assisting in the construction of community centres and feeding the hungry.

The developers that work at JMLabs are highly skilled in creating software – Applications for iOS, Android and Windows mobile as well as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, .ASP, Java, PHP, C#, and C++ Applications. This makes JMLabs the ideal team to develop any application on any platform, tailored to suit the clients needs.

Our Mission

JMLabs’ goal is to be the leading development company in the Southern Hemisphere, attainable through hard work and dedication to our clients.

Our Values

Our dedication to our clients ensures that we will always deliver a high quality product at the lowest cost possible. Only the best will be delivered by JMLabs.

Our Solution

With the wide array of experts at JMLabs, we ensure that whatever your requirements, we are able to deliver a high quality end-to-end solution.


In order to make your next development project painless and stress free, make sure you contact JMLabs to start developing the software you want and need. If you require any additional information or assistance, or would like to get started on your project, please send an email to info@jmlabs.co.za or call us on +27 11 672 3937

Our Passion for Quality
One of the biggest promises that we give to our clients is we will not deliver a product that we are not happy with, and we will make sure that the product we do deliver is of the highest standard and on time. Every project that JMLabs engages in goes through a intense break down session between all directors and developers. This is done to ensure that every department is on the same track and can deliver our promise to the client.